Tag: Industry 4.0

Tag: Industry 4.0

April 11, 2018 News

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution. It calls for a dynamic transformation of how all aspects of business and production are done. A new wave of global technology will change global production.

How much do you know about Industry 4.0?
February 23, 2018 News

Little is known about “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, leading people to think that the concept represents something that is far, far away from us, that constitutes a later evolution of Industry that hasn’t happened yet. But, is that the case?

The RESTART project is on!
December 6, 2017 News

During the last few decades, there have been quite a few changes in the way people live, communicate and function. We are not aware of many of these changes up until we included them in our lifestyle, while others are an intricate part of it without us knowing it.